Suit for women and men: Why we like the new models

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5 good reasons to wear a suit more often

While luxury brands with stars like Brad Pitt, Iggy Pop or A$AP Rocky advertise the two-piece, other labels with innovative designs for men and women encourage more people to wear elegant two-pieces.

"Suit up!" - makes you chic! In view of the increasing number of cases, this motto may seem strange. But since contemporary wardrobe has been completely "casualized", i.e. downsized, by the ongoing wave of sports and streetwear in recent years, many people have had enough of the casual "comfort tuition".  

Plea for the suit

Now it may be all the more important to keep one's composure, to present oneself more elegantly again. In a well-cut suit, man as well as woman simply always make a bella figura: the two-piece conceals what you want to hide and emphasizes an elegant silhouette.

The well-known motto "Clothes make the man" can also be reworded to "Clothes make good mood". Those who "prepare" themselves for the day also do something for their own well-being. Such a suit can feel like an armor with which one goes through the day.  

The following five chapters contain news, recommendations and inspiration about wearing a suit:

  1. the new suit models are comfortable, crease-resistant and machine washable

"The classic suit needs to be modernized," said Daniel Grieder (former Tommy Hilfiger CEO and from June 2021 the new CEO of Hugo Boss) recently in a radio interview with SRF. Suits should become more practical and more comfortable to wear, he said with regard to his position at the suit specialist.

For example, more technical fabrics are needed that are more flexible, less creased, or even rain repellent. One should be able to wash a suit in the washing machine at home instead of having to take it to the dry cleaner.

  1. new cuts for women

Business fashion for women should not be a copy of men's suits - but how feminine and fashionable can it be? More and more suppliers are addressing this question and enriching the market for female two-piece suits with different approaches.

There is no need to explain here that Akris makes good business fashion. Recently, two more Swiss labels have started specializing in ladies' suits: The Vierge and Maison Miaki.

Boss is also presenting a suit studded with Swarovski stones to mark the 20th anniversary of the women's line, and Sandro founder Evelyne Chetrite is underlining her flair for tailoring with a series of fashionable two-piece suits.

  1. a color change is announced: light brown is the new gray

It doesn't always have to be gray, black or navy blue: A modern alternative for men to the classic boring suit colors are light brown shades. Currently, beautiful models can be found at Brunello Cucinelli, Al Ferano, Suitsupply and Massimo Alba, whose sand-colored corduroy suit will be seen in action in the James Bond movie "No Time to Die" and has caused a sensation in the fashion world this year (before the movie premiere).

  1. new store concepts invite you to shop

The times when the wife took care of buying the man's clothes are fortunately long gone. Young as well as established companies address their self-assured and fashion-conscious clientele directly with new store concepts.

The most recent example is the men's concept store Les Deux Men in Zug, with casual fashion and customized clothing as well as a barber, coffee bar, delicatessen department, customized clothing and cosmetic treatments.

Other men's outfitters' novelties include Hackett, Ka/Noa, Trunk Clothiers, Suitsupply and Bruno's:

  1. stars provide plenty of inspiration

Until Daniel Grieder starts in half a year as the new Hugo Boss boss, the southern German luxury label is re-focusing its forces and promoting its core competence - suits and business fashion - to appeal to a new audience: The campaign "BOSS curated by Caro Daur" is presented to mark the 20th anniversary of the women's line. This collaboration with the German influencer is clearly aimed at a younger, female fashion audience.

Other typical suit brands are currently pursuing a similar strategy. For example, the Italian counterpart to Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna: the 110-year-old, family-run traditional company recently teamed up with the cult streetwear label Fear of God. The exclusive collection, which is available at few points of sale, shows a refreshing approach to presenting Zegna's tailoring know-how to a new clientele.

Dior Men is another label that is currently convincingly balancing between classic men's wardrobe and a new, rich millennium and Gen-Z clientele. Creative head Kim Jones has been considered a high priest of high-end streetwear by the masses at the latest since his mariage of Louis Vuitton with Supreme.

That Jones can do much more than just design cool sneakers and dresses with logo prints is also known to fashion connoisseurs who have followed his work since his beginnings as creative director at Dunhill. With the "Oblique" jackettaus of the Dior Men collection Spring/Summer 2019, Jones has succeeded in creating one of the most exciting changes in jacket design.

The novel suit jacket, which has changed practically nothing in the last hundred years (apart from the silhouette and the number of jacket buttons), is closed at the side of the Oblique jacket with a button and remotely resembles a further development of the double-breasted blazer.

The design is representative of Kim Jones' vision of a global millennium and Gen-Z clientele, which is based on the strict style rules of the past century and instead sees the classic suit not as a sacred dogma but rather as the basis for a further developed wardrobe.

After a short guest appearance of the "rocking" career changer Justin O'Shea as creative director in 2016, the Roman Maison Brioni is discreetly elegant again. The brand (which belongs to the luxury group Kering) has been attracting attention since summer with Brad Pitt as campaign model.

Gucci also relies on superstars to promote its more formal "Gucci Tailoring" line: Musicians of the younger generation, the rappers A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator, meet the "Godfather of Punk", 73-year-old Iggy Pop, and relax together in a house on the American West Coast.

Saint Laurent, the 74-year-old cult director John Waters, also relies on another eccentric of the older guard. In his films, the "King of Trash" likes to cross the boundaries of good taste; in person, however, he is known for his flawless dandy look.

And last but not least, a different kind of suit inspiration: In the Canali Anthology campaign, the Italian luxury brand Canali does not put stars in the spotlight, but the people behind the product: family members of the company, which was founded in 1934, master tailors, craftsmen and employees are to convey the values of the traditional brand.

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